Manual Homepage

The manual as a zip file

The link below allows you to save the manual as a Zip file for easy downloading:

  • Click on the link, and in the resulting dialog save the file ( to a folder on your computer. (The location doesn’t matter. We suggest that you create a new folder to hold the zip file and the manual.)
  • To unzip the file, double click on the filename in the folder where you saved it. This will start Winzip or other program that can unzip the file. (You must have such a program to unzip the file; the zip file is not self-extracting.)
  • You may be asked what folder to unzip the file in. You can use any folder you like. The folder where you saved would be a reasonable choice.
  • Once the zip file is unzipped, you can view the unzipped manual in your browser by double clicking on index.html in the folder where you unzipped the zip file.

Download the Zip file  (362 KBytes)