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News So it begins...International Convocation of U*U Women

So it begins...International Convocation of U*U Women

Tonight the First International Convocation of U*U Women opened. There were greetings in many languages...
Margot Adler
many languages

Dancing to "Come Sing A Song with Me"
come sign a song

Music with emma's revolution (Sandy O and Pat Humphries)...
Emma's Revolution

Greetings from Honorary Chair Maria Sinkford...
Maria Sinkford

Margot Adler interviewing Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgartner on third wave feminism...
Margot, Amy and Jennifer

Laura Nagel, one of the main visionaries for this event...
Laura Nagel

Carolyn McDade...
Carolyn McDade

Sarah Dan Jones conducting the choir...
Sarah Dan Jones conducting

It was a busy day! We'll have more to report tomorrow. More photos and perhaps even a word or two. There were challenges presented, commitments made, ruckus raised, shopping accomplished, and enough Love and Respect to go around. There was even drumming! Though I'll have to find someone else's photos of that because I was in the middle of the drumming. Yeah!

It is the Inter-Galactic Convo too...see the antennas? I expected Sputnik to be orbiting somewhere nearby...and these wonderful volunteers are ready to help!
Inter-Galactic Convo

Southwest UU Women Amy and Myrtle selling Convo gear...
tees and tote bags

Registration running smoothly...
running smoothly

Susan Caravello, Treasurer of the International Association of Liberal Religious Women ( and Laurie James, who is organizing some Margaret Fuller Bicentennial events in the NYC area (
Susan and Laurie

And last but not least (for tonight anyway), the UU Women and Religion exhibit table:
Rise Up side of the booth
Cakes side of the booth
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