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Welcome! The Women and Religion Movement is alive and well in the 21st Century. A grassroots project started by lay leaders in the 1970s as an effort to promote examination of religious roots of sexism and patriarchy within the UUA and beyond, UU Women and Religion officially began as a task force following the unanimously-passed WOMEN AND RELIGION RESOLUTION at the 1977 UUA General Assembly. Although the Task Force was eventually sunsetted, the movement still exists in UU communities that hold Women & Religion programs and gatherings for those who identify as women. It exists at the UU General Assembly, where UUW&R brings our Store to the Exhibit Hall and occasionally hosts a gahering. And it lives in the hearts and lives of people who have been touched by the many changes inspired by this movement.

"We do not want a piece of the pie. It is still a patriarchal pie. We want to change the recipe!" -- Rosemary Matson

PENDANT on black waxed cord with lobster claw clasp; 18" with 2" adjustable chain
Proud chalice silhouette kindles the UU flame of love, hope, spirit; what does it mean to YOU?
Approx. 2-1/4"H x 1-7/8"W excluding silver hardware

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Lively and in-motion as the UU spirit!
Approx. 2"H x 2"W excluding antique bronze hardware


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We LUUV being UUs! Charming heart chalice silhouette with a genuine Swarovski crystal that burns brightly with the fire of commitment.
Back is iridescent copper. Swarovski faceted crystal
Approx. 2-1/2"H x 2-7/8"W excluding silver hardware

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Quintessential spiritual symbol!
Approx. 1.5"H x 2"W excluding antique bronze hardware

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Sheet music!

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Nancy Rogers Nan and collection sm"I founded Studio Aurora in 2020; my ideas had been gestating for awhile, but I sensed the time was right for new beginnings; and how the world can benefit from a little more beauty and WomanPower! My designs feature artwork inspired by the Divine Feminine, my Unitarian Universalist spirituality, and my 9+ years as a Women's Red Tent founder and facilitator. It was my vision to create fun statement pieces and oversized earrings that I couldn't find anywhere else, and that I'm excited to wear. I use an industrial laser cutter at my local Maker space to create my original design lightweight wooden earrings and pendants. My paintings in acrylics are created in my own little home studio, where I'm surrounded by love, support, empowerment, and 4 ginger cats.

Studio Aurora is a passion project: I get to use my own creative voice, develop the artwork that I would like to contribute to the world and keep it fun and soulful. 'Aurora' is a family name (and my belly dance name!); invoking it is a gesture of gratitude and respect for my matrilineal heritage. 'Aurora' is also the Italian word for 'dawn', and speaks of new beginnings. There is nothing more deeply touching and connecting than when my artwork resonates with a client; it is the ultimate privilege to share my heart with you, and my vision of upholding the gift it is to be a woman.

I hope you have as much fun wearing these pieces as I had making them. And as my Grandma Aurora would say to you: 'Wear it in good health'. Peace, health, abundance, and love to you! xoxo"

Nancy Aurora Rogers, Founder/Designer
Studio Aurora StudioAuroraArt@gmail.com

Earring and Pendant Materials: Lightweight laser cut 1/8" premium Baltic birch plywood. Face is finished with tung oil; back is painted with  acrylic paint, then shellacked. All items are handmade; please allow for slight variations.


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You may make a donation to UU Women and Religion here. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Please select the quantity of $10 increments you would like to donate.