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Welcome! The Women and Religion Movement is alive and well in the 21st Century. A grassroots project started by lay leaders in the 1970s as an effort to promote examination of religious roots of sexism and patriarchy within the UUA and beyond, UU Women and Religion officially began as a task force following the unanimously-passed WOMEN AND RELIGION RESOLUTION at the 1977 UUA General Assembly. Although the Task Force was eventually sunsetted, the movement still exists in UU communities that hold Women & Religion programs and gatherings for those who identify as women. It exists at the UU General Assembly, where UUW&R brings our Store to the Exhibit Hall and occasionally hosts a gathering. And it lives in the hearts and lives of people who have been touched by the many changes inspired by this movement.

"We do not want a piece of the pie. It is still a patriarchal pie. We want to change the recipe!" -- Rosemary Matson


Healing and Changing Our World

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

For generations women have been healers, and that tradition has been passed down to our daughters thru the ages. Women find many different ways to make things better, we kiss boo boos, plant trees, create art, make chicken soup, hug and listen, sing lullabies and chant protest songs and carry memories of loved ones into the next generation.

We heal each other as well in ways we may not be aware of because to heal our world, we have to heal ourselves first. Our world seems to be tearing apart right now. We can choose to see it as re-modeling, tearing apart to rebuild in a better way.

Although we sometimes feel small and powerless in the chaos, gathering women in one place is empowering.

This weekend’s gathering hopes to offer some ways to think about healing and ideas of things to do that can help change our world. There are so many wonderful things happening and we have some great workshops planned, so we hope you will choose to make a difference in your life and in the world around you by joining and enjoying this time together.

We will have a labyrinth on loan from the Hospice of Pasco County. Each woman will have the option of signing up for her time alone in the sanctuary with the labyrinth.


  1. Harmonic Rituals for Everyday Balance-Elly Kelly Baker
  2. Energy Medicine - Liz Mason
  3. Ecofeminism – Spirituality and Activism -Lynn Carol Henderson
  4. Our Rwanda Sisters - Cece Yochum
  5. Ratify the ERA - Sandy Oestreich
  6. Healing with Music- Amy Carol Webb
  7. Taoist Tai Chi demonstration and participation
  8. Facial Massage Meditation - Margaret Shepherd
  9. Living Organically - Jeri Baldwin
  10. Creating Prayer Shawls - MJ Arnaldi and Karen Frank
  11. Women and Economics in the Third World - Linda Lucas
  12. Solar Funnel Cookers – Mary Wickensheimer



Goddess of Destruction Goddess of Creation

Two ends of a continuum that we all experience

One of the most dramatic goddesses of Hawaii, Pele has long lived in Hawaiian hearts and minds as the supreme personification of volcanic majesty and power. Within the Hawaiian cosmos all natural forces are regarded as life forces, related to humanity by common descent from the same ultimate creative spirits. Possessing the power to create new land, Pele also has a volcanic personality. She is by nature impetuous and lusty, jealous, unpredictable, and capable of sudden fury and great violence. The goddess Pele is described as "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land" in ancient Hawaiian chants. She does so until this day. She has destroyed more than 100 structures on the Big Island since 1983. She has added more than 70 acres of land to the island's southeastern coastline. So even with a title as fierce as "Destroyer," Pele is considered a Mother Goddess. She contains within her both the destructive and creative powers of life.

Come celebrate a weekend in which we invite the Hawaiian Goddess Pele into our circle, to guide and inspire us as we strive for balance in our lives. We will seek Pele's help in living with the power of fire, both internal and external, and in learning to be in balance - to embrace our anger, as well as our calm. We will explore the power of fire to destroy and to renew the creative spirit. Come, join the safety of the circle of women, open your heart to the teachings of fire, and explore how to feed the creative spark within.

Brought to us by

Special Guest - Kalina

Kalina started studying Hawaiian dance in 1980. She has traveled extensively on the mainland, the Hawaiian Islands, and Tahiti to learn from the finest instructors. She teaches hula as a means of honoring both the culture of the islands and if desired, as an honoring of the ancestors. Kalina is well versed in the lore, arts, crafts language, poetry, ukulele, implement and lay making. She offers workshops teaching dance, I'pu gourd drum, feather work, and lei making. Kalina is a fount of knowledge about Hawaiian culture. She offers workshop participants an entertaining, yet profoundly enriching experience.


Leslie Rigg

Leslie Rigg began attending UU Women & Religion Retreats in the early 90's. This is the third time she has been a coordinator for a retreat. Being a coordinator for retreats allows her to use both sides of her brain (left brain / datagrrl / organizer and right brain / yagattawanna / creator).

Susan Pendergraft

Susan has been attending UUW&R retreats since the mid-1980's. She is current Co-Chair. She has participated in local woman circles for many years. Susan helped to create the Fairy retreat a few years ago. She is very creative and has a knack for gathering people and ideas together. Susan has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and has almost completed a M.L.A. in Humanities. She taught in the Gifted Program of Pinellas County for many years.

Special Assistance from Jill Oldenski

Jill has graciously offered her in-depth knowledge of myth and mythic story to help organize this retreat. Jill has been either directly or indirectly involved in helping design many of our retreats. Her contributions are greatly appreciated! Jill uses her love of story to create a line of fine art dolls in a line she calls Story Folk. Jill is also a very talented story teller.


Drum making

In Hawaii, gourd drums were used to accompany chanting during festive as well as spiritual occasions. Learn to make and play a gourd drum. The gourd is cut, scraped out, and sanded clean. Learn a short chant which will be used in the evening ritual. Children will be invited to make a drum.

Ritual Skirts

Using old thrift store skirts we will collage bits of material, findings, paint and stamps to create a ritual Pa'u (Hawaiian skirt) like those used by the goddesses. You may wish to bring an old skirt or you may choose one provided. If you have craft supplies to add to the materials please bring them with you.


Crochet Leis are made with yarn and ribbon. Kalina with Karen Frank will assist fifteen people experienced with crochet hooks and two beginners. These leis are quite beautiful.

Mandala Guided meditation and drawing workshop

Draw a Maori Mandala (specific format and elements) to lead to an understanding about one's current, personal balance in terms of physical, thinking, feeling and spirit (drawing would be 20 minutes).We would then "dream interpret" each person's drawings (up to an hour).


With Kalina as inspiration come learn how the hula reflected many concepts in the natural and spiritual world. You will be introduced to basic hula steps and movement. Children are invited to this workshop.

Writing Workshop

Be inspired by quotes from Hawaiian Spirituality. Story starters will be provided focusing on life blood, harmony, creation and destruction. Create a short piece to share if you wish. Carol Andros will assist.

Fall 2005 - Laughing at Sacred Cows

What We Expect Will Happen Till the Cows Go Home

"In the beginning there was nothing. God said, Let there be light! And there was light.
There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better." - Ellen DeGeneres


At our Friday night Ingathering after dinner we will invoke the directions and create our circle once again. We'll get acquainted or re-acquainted, and introduce the idea of laughing at (and with) Sacred Cows, especially those connected with organized religions and some forms of spirituality. The use of humor and laughter in healing wounds, both physical and spiritual, will be stressed this weekend, especially in our workshops. We'll share some anecdotes and jokes, maybe sing a song or two. Did we mention that we'll laugh a lot?

Did you celebrate World Laughter Day in May? Do you belong to a Laughter Club? It was news to us but we'll learn about it all when we gather Saturday morning right after breakfast with Sandra Herskowitz, Certified Laugh Leader, who will help us tone our laugh muscles and discover the healing power of laughter. Recommendation: Don't sleep late; nap later.

When we have caught our breath, Adele Alexandre will offer the first of two workshops on the use of humor to reduce stress in caring for others and ourselves, 'The Healing Power of Humor, Lightening Up with Laughter.' Space and workshop time will be set aside for the ongoing making and wearing of Silly Hats, and the creating of Sacred Cows from potatoes, sort of Mrs. Bovine Potato Heads. You will introduce your cow on Saturday night.

After lunch Adele will give a repeat workshop and there will be a workshop on the art of the clown, given by Ann Myers. She will teach us to laugh and enjoy the benefits of laughter while exploring our faces and features as we apply clown make up and find our smile lines. Bring a joke or a smile for the group.

It's also a long, long time from August to November. The retreat planning has already been blessed with serendipity and we anticipate more surprises. There will be time for rest, recreation, swimming, canoeing, and what-you-will.

Saturday night is for more fun and games: devising a Ritual of the Sacred Cow, naming our cows and placing them on the altar, presenting other fruits of our workshops, hearing a story from Jill Oldenski, and winding up with our very own Open Mike. Sorry Drummer Girls, 'not tonight Josephine,' too many other groups in residence. We will end Saturday evening with a campfire and marshmallows.

"If life hands you lemons, ask for tequila and salt."

Sunday morning after nine o'clock checkout time we will have our closing circle, laugh some more, evaluate our experiences, open the circle, send the cows home, and exit laughing.

Two nudists of Dover,
Being purple all over,
Were munched by a cow
When mistaken for clover.
- Ogden Nash


Kyle emailed Sandy to ask her for the bibliography so we could post it on our web site. This is a link to Sandy Herskowitz’s web site:
This is the link for the world laughter tour that she talked about:

If you email the webweaver with a request, you can get a link to a page of pictures from this retreat...

"One Christmas I lurked in corners nursing a twisted splinter in my foot, permitting no one to come near me. When Uncle Jack [a doctor] caught me, he kept me laughing about a preacher who hated going to church so much that every day he stood at his gate in his dressing-gown, smoking a hookah and delivering five-minute sermons to any passers-by who desired spiritual comfort. I interrupted to make Uncle Jack let me know when he would pull it out, but he held up a bloody splinter in a pair of tweezers and said he yanked it while I was laughing, that was what was known as relativity." - Scout Finch
from To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee


Kyle Pierson, St. Petersburg, the daughter of two Irish Catholic parents, showed signs of laughing at sacred cows even as a child. Her parents reported that she frequently annoyed the nuns with philosophical and silly questions. Eventually, she left Catholicism and found herself among the welcoming and irreverent .She has always identified with the Irish sense of humor. In her early career as a journalist, she favored stories highlighting the ironic and absurd. She believes sharpening her sense of humor may be the best advice anyone could give her for her latest transition to a middle school language arts teacher. Kyle has attended many Women & Religion retreats. This is her first time as co-leader.

Lynn Montgomery, Miami, was born into a Universalist Church parsonage and christened in the Odd Fellows Hall (don't ask) which may account for her long fascination with the connection between religion and comedy. She attended her first W&R retreat in 1993, "Stitching Together the Fabric of Our Lives" and has never looked back, but this is her first attempt at co-leading a retreat. Professionally Lynn has spent her life in the non-performing areas of theatre: stage, production, and business management in venues from Broadway to extremely-off-Broadway and in stock companies from West Palm Beach to Skowhegan, Maine. She wound up in Florida teaching theatre at the University of Miami.

A man that can't laugh at himself should be given a mirror.
-- From 'Irish Proverbs' Little Book of Ireland*

Adele Alexandre, Margate, is a Women's Wellness Writer and a trained Hypnotherapist. She will be using singing bowl meditation music, art and jokes to create healing and renewal.

Sandy Herskowitz, Treasure Island, is a Certified Laughter Leader. Sandy has spent most of her career working with abused and traumatized children and adults. In all the work she does, including her private psychotherapist practice, she integrates the power of laughter. She is committed to spreading the "World Laughter Peace Movement" whose slogan is "Think Globally, Laugh Locally".

Ann Myers, Redington Shores, has clowned for the Hospice SmileTeam for the past five years. She has trained with Hospice of the Suncoast and with Morton Plant Clown Teams, which is a special form of clowning that requires loving care directed at patients.

Child Care at This Retreat

Florida Women & Religion is committed to offering child care at retreats and conferences. We tried very hard to make the budget work for child care this time, but the registration fee we would have had to charge would make this retreat prohibitively expensive for too many women.

All child care costs, including room and board for two providers, a fee paid to each of them, and materials for the children to use, come from the registration fees charged to all attendees. We normally plan for 4-6 children for a retreat, many of them under age 8. DaySpring is a great place for kids, with walking trails, canoeing, swimming, exploring the river, etc., but a space that really requires two day care providers for 4-6 children. Because we only have 46 on-site spaces this time, the amount of money we can generate from registrations is insufficient to cover the costs of two child care providers.

We have developed a budget that will support having two girls aged 10-11, under the care of their parent with no other child care provider available. The registration fee for these two girls would be $85, and is available on a first come-first served basis. Girls 12 and over are also welcome, and they will be charged the full registration fee of $160 (due to DaySpring costs). The content of the general sessions and the workshops should be suitable for children, unless we get really raunchy with our jokes!

We will continue to strive to have child care available at retreats in the future. The more people we can accommodate at a retreat, the more revenue we can generate to pay for child care. We strongly encourage any mothers with children to join us in the Area Communicators' group, where these items are discussed, so that we can benefit from your recommendations.

Artisans' Bazaar

There will be space for up to five artisans to sell their wares at the retreat. Vendor spaces are reserved on a first come/first served basis. Vendors are requested to donate 10% of gross sales to Florida W & R. To reserve space, contact Carol Andros @ candros@tampabay.rr.com or 727-723-8280.


Florida Women and Religion's Annual Spring Retreat

April. 22-24, 2005

at U.U. in the Pines, Brooksville, FL

Sisters, many of us are feeling an intense longing in our lives for serenity and calm and, indeed, a deeper sense of the spiritual in our lives. We are longing for the restoration of power and energy that seems to be drained away in these chaotic times. We are constantly faced with schedules that are over-burdened. We note that our desires to take care of ourselves are too often pre-empted by our need and wish to care for others.

This retreat begins on Earth Day, April 22, 2005. We will come together to reconnect with the earth, with our thankfulness for the grounding and inspiration that is abundant in this realm, and with ourselves as spiritual beings.

We will come together for a weekend with no demands and yet many opportunities. Opportunities for your creative self to be expressive; for your spiritual self to reconnect with a deeper consciousness within you; for your Earth-being-self to give service to the Pines as we help heal the grounds. Read further to learn more about these options.

There will be the opportunity to enter a period of silence at the end of Friday's gathering and to emerge from it at 5:00 PM on Saturday, both by way of a guided meditation. Connecting with friends, old and new, can be significantly different and satisfying through non-verbal expressions. Speak to some of the women who participated in the last silent Women & Religion retreat at the Pines and discover their appreciation of time with no verbal demands. This is a brief taste of silent community that we believe will leave you refreshed and wanting more. This retreat cannot claim that it will satisfy your longing but it does claim that it will give you a window of opportunity to tap into that root and find some ways of healing and nurturing your life.


At the Root of Longing – the Saturday Experience

North The direction of the earth, of the body, introspection, mystery, the power to keep silent.
Experience: creating a Secret Garden triptych, a 3-panel collage that begins with the edges folded in to form a gate on the outside, opening to your spiritual garden. Basic materials supplied.
The direction of the air, of light, of the emerging soul, of the power to know.
Experience: writing in answer to questions that will help your inner light to emerge and your soul to speak. You may want to bring a journal for this, or some special writing papers and instruments.
South The direction of fire, of energy and spirit, of the power of will.
Experience: creating your Spirit Candle to light your way on your spiritual journey and to add to the altar for the Saturday evening experience. Basic materials supplie
West The direction of water, of emotion, of the power to dare.Experiences: creating and decorating a medicine bag to heal yourself and the earth (basic materials supplied). Working at the Pines to heal some hurricane damage, in silence (after instructions given).
Center The point of transformation, of pure essence, of timelessness, of the power to go.
Experiences: Meditation in any form that helps you access your spiritual center in addition to what we are providing. If you want to bring meditative music we will have a space provided for this. The Center, of course, is the invitation of the rituals that we will be doing on Friday and Saturday nights.

Other spiritual activities that you might choose to experience: Readings from selected books we will provide, on loan for the weekend only, on women’s spirituality and nature – see our book list for suggestions in case you want your own copy. Yoga in the outdoors, in the early morning and other times, led by experienced teachers. A creative project that you bring to the retreat. Silent communication with other women at the Pines. Walks in the woods. Breathing.

Remember: Bring small objects with special meaning to you to decorate (or use in) the spirit candle, the medicine bag, or the Secret Garden triptych – such as beads, charms, crystals, shells, stones, feathers, etc. Also bring 2-3 favorite magazines to use and share, for cutting out pictures.

Our Retreat Leaders
April 22-24, 2005 at U.U. in the Pines, Brooksville, FL

Retreat Facilitator Biography:

Susan (Stephenson) Hefte has been involved with Florida Women and Religion almost from its beginnings. She was W & R co-chair (with Emily Williams) for two years and has facilitated many W&R retreats at The Pines, including the very first one in November 1987. Her background is in transpersonal psychology with an emphasis on creativity and spirituality. She is a retired licensed mental health counselor and currently facilitates Alternatives To Violence Project community workshops in the Tampa Bay area and monthly at Coleman Federal Correctional Complex. She is also an experienced quilter and textile artist.
Susan has loved facilitating women's retreats and groups since the mid-70's and finds the focus of this retreat particularly valuable. She looks forward to seeing you there.
Sarah K. Snyder is a national consultant and trainer living in Seminole, and has been active in women’s groups and spirituality for over 25 years. She has participated in and led women’s retreats and groups, including some at the Pines. She led one of the national test groups (in Pinellas County) during the final completion of the “Rise Up and Call Her Name” UU curriculum. She counts herself very fortunate to be a part of the truly heady days of the growing women’s spirituality blossoming starting in the mid-70’s, and is excited about continuing the tradition.
Sarah has been having a great time planning this retreat with Susan, and can hardly wait to be silent and spiritual with you!


 Elly Kelly Baker and UU women from around Florida invite you to share this weekend of

Ethereal Music ~ Workshops ~ Belly Dancing ~ Meditative, Music-Inspired Art ~ Crystal Bowls ~ Sisterhood ~ Visitations from Our Creative Muses ~ Drumming ~ Sacred Space ~ Yoga ~ Deeper Listening~ Improvisation~ Chanting ~ Free-Form Movement ~ Harmony ~ Hawaiian Ancient Kahuna Principles ~ Accessing Your Creative Flow ~ Ritual


"When you put your heart into your music, it goes everywhere." Alyshia Keyes


Music is considered the most spiritual of the arts for it originates in another realm.

Whether you accept the modern-day concept of "String Theory" (Everything in the Universe is composed of vibrating strands of matter in space.) or your ancient DNA instinctively senses it----Music is everywhere and allows us to spiritually transcend this existence.

Music connects us all to the spiritual experience of being human. And so, we are all natural musicians: Every moment our biological systems rhythmically ebb and flow, pulse and pause. Everyday we voice our intentions and express our innermost vibrations with our ongoing "dance" of body language.

Consider how our minds constantly struggle to keep pace with the never-ending input of stimuli. Our bodies are likewise continually adjusting to the daily rhythms around us. Our spirits are endlessly searching to co-create balance and harmony with our Self and our Universe. At times we may "tune out"; we can feel "out of sync"; we sense that we're not "resonating very well" with others; we may even get "strange vibes" when we are in unfamiliar surroundings. Our language hints at what's needed: Just as every object in the universe creates its unique vibrational "song", we are asked to rediscover our ancient pathways to harmonic union and spiritual creative flow.

We are asked to remember that Music is our birthright, and we are all natural musicians. Intention, not perfection, is the key.

So, join us on a spiritual rendez-vous with music. Come with an open heart and mind. Give yourself permission to accept and share the unique gifts with which you have been blessed. Together we will call forth our Muses and re-awaken our musical connection to the cosmos.
Through sound, dance, art, and writing, we will access and realign our inner and outer spheres of harmonic energy. Together we will laugh, gyrate, chant, glide, tone, meditate, drum, hug, and release our way to vibrational union.

May Your Journey Bring Harmony,


 A Storytelling Retreat


To prepare for this Retreat, think of the stories which you learned as a child/teen -- the Latin/Greek/Celtic/other Goddess stories. Secondly, think of the "stories of your life" -- Siblings, Moving, First Day of School, Graduation, Marriage, Baby(ies), Divorces, Single Years, Best Year, Worst Year -- what "characters" did you play in these stories? Who were you 20 years ago? Who are you now? What's YOUR Story?


Lynn Carol Henderson and UU women from around Florida invite you to share this weekend of ritual feasting of womanspirit and adventuring into sacred space. Step up to the table and explore for yourself women’s ritual art in action.

    • Friday night graze through fields of the Goddess in an opening ritual combining storytelling performance and the creation of a group mandala.
    • Saturday morning digest the art of storytelling, empowering yourself as you create ready-to-tell Goddess tales from your own life.
    • Saturday afternoon dip into the workshops and try your hand at Storytelling through DANCE, IMPROV!, COLLAGE, and STORYBOARD.
    • Saturday night – BE the Banquet – Sharing Circle filled with laughter and group connections.
    • Sunday morning - stay with us for dessert -- the closing mandala ceremony.
      • Religious Affiliation:
        • St. Petersburg Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Registrar)
        • Greensong Grove (1st Degree Wiccan)
        • Reformed Congregation of the Goddess (Attender)
        • Daughters of the Earth and SisterSpirit (Pan-Indian Spirituality Circles)
      • Education:
        • BA: Art and Art History, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia
        • MFA and teaching certification K-12: Washington University, St, Louis
        • Ph.D. Art History and Women's Studies with a focus in Women's Ritual Art, Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio
        • Foreign Studies: Art, Language, Shamanism and Healing Modalities Italy, France, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Chile
      • Work Experience
        • 1980-Present: Ritual leader in Women's Spirituality Groups and Drumming Circles
        • 1989-Present: Adjunct Professor, Eckerd College Courses: Magic, Myth and Ritual in Art Collage, Art Appreciation, Altars and Mandalas Adjunct professor, U. of Tampa Courses: Insider/Outsider, Multicultural Art
        • 1973-Present: Expressive Arts and Storytelling Workshops (all ages): Eckerd College Guest Lecturer, University of South Florida Guest Lecturer, The Salvador Dali Museum, the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, The Tampa Museum of Fine Arts, Florida Elder Hostel Programs, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Manatee County Schools, Pinellas and Hillsborough County Arts Councils, Florida Humanities Council , all the Art Centers in Pinellas County (sampling)
        • 1980-Present Storytelling Performances: Tampa Recreation Festivals: International Festival, Santa Fest, Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival, Tampa Bay Storytelling Guild Tellebration (sampling)
      • Professional Associations:
        • PAVA Pinellas Association of Visual Artists
        • Tampa Bay Storytelling Guild
        • Florida Storytelling Association


      Throughout the weekend savor the atmosphere of woman space, dip into the suggestions for future projects, and fascinate yourself with the many ritual sourcebooks from Lynn Carol’s lending library.


Facilitator: Lynn Carol Henderson

Co-Facilitator: Leslie Rigg

Biographical Statement of Lynn Carol Henderson

      More can be seen at: http://www.enigmaartstudio.com

Leslie Rigg has been attending UUW &R retreats and conferences for approximately 8 years. In the course of her life, Leslie has studied/participated in Arica, Unity, Iroquois medicine, A Course in Miracles, Sufi dancing, and multiple styles of personal growth training including dance and movement. She has previously led workshops in a variety of disciplines, from IT training to 12-Step weekends. She is currently exploring the offering of a new personal growth venture, YAGATTAWANNA, which may be seen at http://www.yagattawanna.org


 El Caribe Resort & Conference Center Daytona Beach, FL

Rooms with a View - Blue Chiffon - Pretty Feet
Beach Walks - Sand Castles - Water Drums - Sunrises
Yoga - Journaling - Books - Breakfast in Bed - Brownies
Laughter - Fun - Songs - Little Goddesses - Sisterhood



Dive deep into a spiritual and relaxing full moon, ocean side Florida Women & Religion retreat Nov. 7-9 on Daytona Beach. Bubbles, mermaid tea, and sunrises from private balconies! Some Florida women requested that we try a different locale for a retreat so join your sisters on the beach. All women who have served as W&R co-chairs are specially invited. Our private retreat space faces the ocean. Breakfasts, lunch and dinner will be enjoyed in our private ocean view retreat environment. We have a large goddess suite, three breakout suites, private balconies, heated pool, and a wide beach for our pleasure.

Facilitator: Michele Hope
Co-Facilitator: Ann Goodrich

Michele Hope of Key Biscayne is a “key” retreat planner. A teacher, education specialist, counselor, connected to the Womenspirit retreats at The Mountain, and the woman who croned our co-chair Lucy Swenson-Knights, Michele will lead us in guided meditations, special ingatherings, and fun.


Mary Ann Goodrich of St. Petersburg owns Impeccable Consulting, a facilitation, training and project development company. Mary Ann is connected to the UU community and serves as volunteer coordinator at First Unity Church in St. Petersburg. She is hospitality coordinator for the retreat and has planned many surprises.


Additional planning committee sisters: Diane Anderson (designer of fantastic logo), Carol Vogel, Cathy Stanton, Mary Cadwell, Sondra Ickes, Pamela Leavy


All Text property of Fl UU W&R and its contributors




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