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Revitalizing UU Women’s Groups:
A How-to Manual

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About the Manual

Revitalizing UU Women’s Groups is a how-to manual with acollection of tried and true programs and activities that have beeneffective for existing Unitarian Universalist women’s groups. It wasdeveloped by the Association of Universalist Women (AUW) ofMinneapolis, Minnesota, with Mary Junge serving as editor. It wassupported by the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program in the AUW’sunique response to the Funding Program’s effort to strengthenUnitarian Universalist institutions and community life and to nurtureand celebrate our liberal religious heritage. The manual wasoriginally produced in notebook format to facilitate ease in addingand removing copy. This electronic version—our continued effort toshare resources—was also supported by the Unitarian UniversalistFunding Program.

Inception of the Project

AUW member Arlene Jacobson attended theUnitarian Universalist Women’s Federation (UUWF) meeting in June of1999 and noted a dearth of "young" women in attendance. Recalling theAUW’s growth from thirty-five members to approximately one hundred,Jacobson shared our success story with then-president of the UUWF,Tina Jas. Jacobson offered examples of some of the activities whichhave typically drawn younger women: an annual mother-daughterbanquet, a mother-daughter book group, a parents’ morning out group,etc. The manual was developed because of a desire to share resourcesand first became available in the summer of 2000. It is now availablehere, as part of the Prairie Star District’s web site.

Use of this Material

We welcome you to use the ideas shared here. However, we caution youthat when you make copies of these materials, you must give credit tothe Unitarian Universalist Funding Program; the Association ofUniversalist Women of Minneapolis; Mary Junge, editor; and theindividual authors for the pieces that you use.

We also strongly encourage you to consult with your congregation’sBoard of Trustees, lawyer, and insurance agent before starting newchurch-sponsored programs. Neither the Association of UniversalistWomen of the First Universalist Church, nor the editor, Mary Junge,will assume any responsibility for any liability issues arising fromthe replication of programs or activities described or suggested.

Finally, we give thanks to all of the many women who participated inthis project in one way or another. This project exists because of aspirit of generosity among women. We encourage you to reap theharvest and also to sow this spirit whenever you are able.


The Association of Universalist Women
First Universalist Church
3400 Dupont Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55408

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