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In Search of Merlin StoneOn September 24th, people gathered at the UU Church of Clearwater Florida to honor the life and work of Merlin Stone. The event was streamed live on Z Budapest’s Ustream channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/merlin-stone-memorial and the video files now are there to view. Video was quite fuzzy but much of the audio can be heard if you turn up the volume. I was particularly moved by Merlin's "significant other ... soulmate and kindred spirit" of 34 years, Leonard Schneir. "I thought I was a free spirit," he said, "then I met Merlin. I thought I was a non-conformist, then I met Merlin... You were the lighthouse, I was lost at sea..."

Z Budapest and Merlin Stone's family have been raising money to produce a documentary DVD "In Search of Merlin Stone." Rev. Shirley Ranck was interviewed for inclusion in the DVD. Learn more at www.merlinstone.net.