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Banner by Lydia RuyleLydia RuyleThe Association for the Study of Women in Mythology (ASWM) is honored to offer the 2013 Brigit Award for Excellence in the Arts to Lydia Ruyle. Lydia is an artist scholar emeritus of the Visual Arts faculty, University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado, where The Lydia Ruyle Room for Women Artists was dedicated in 2010.  In April 2013, the University presented Lydia with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Few artists can claim to have profoundly expanded and improved contemporary images of women. Lydia is beloved around the globe for her stunning presentation of multicultural goddesses and symbols of divinity. Her Goddess Icon Banner Project began in 1995 with 18 banners created for exhibit in Ephesus, and has grown to include representations of over 150 goddesses.  The Brigit Award recognizes not only this great body of work but also Lydia’s dedicated scholarship in researching these diverse, inspiring images.