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As the River We FlowWomen's Drumming Circle of South Bend Indiana drumming and chant CD



1. Naming Chant 1:22
2. Ancient Mother / Isis Astarte 3:26
3. I Am the River 2:05
4. Look to the Source 2:41
5. Gaia / OoMama 1:53
6. Woman’s Work 1:57
7. Let It Begin (A Birthday Chant) 1:36
8. Mother God’s Lullaby 3:53
9. Mother I Feel You 2:17
10. I Am Fire 1:08
11. Crystal Clear 3:58
12. I Am the River (reprise) 2:32
13. Lady Weave Your Circle 2:55

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Women's Drumming Circle of South Bend Indiana drumming and chant CD


UUW&R Exclusive!

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As the River We Flow - download

Walk Gently in My Life (Thirteen Ships)

Travel Light and travel Easy (Thirteen Ships)

Standing Before Us (Thirteen Ships)

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Walk Gently in My Life

© Carole Etzler Eagleheart

Walk gently in my life, and I will find a way
To open up my heart and share my secret thoughts
And trust you with my deepest dreams.
Walk gently in my life and someday I'll no longer have to hide.
I'll open up my heart and let you touch the places deep inside.
Walk gently in my life.
Walk gently in my life.
Walk gently in my life.

Nancy Vedder-Shults

Chants for the Queen of HeavenTRACKS:

LISTEN  1. Come Through the Arbor
LISTEN  2. Listen, Sisters, Listen
LISTEN  3. Amaterasu
LISTEN  4. Rise Up and Call Her Name
LISTEN  5. Om Tara
LISTEN  6. Jai-Ma
LISTEN  7. To Sing Your Praises
LISTEN  8. Yemaya
LISTEN  9. I Found God in Myself
LISTEN  10. Every Hour
LISTEN  11. Volcano Woman
LISTEN  12. Kwan Zeon Bosai
LISTEN  13. She Bear
LISTEN  14. Old Crone of Mystery
LISTEN  15. Ancestral Faces

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Rev-Shirley-Ranck-2008-by-Karin-JOn the Threshold - keynote speech by Rev Shirley Ranck (2008). Download TEXT.

"Hecate. Do you know Her? She is old and wise and very powerful. Firmly She stirs the bubbling cauldron of life and death. She has been ignored and almost forgotten for many centuries. She has been ridiculed, called ugly and hideous and dangerous whenever She has appeared. She has certainly been defied. But today Her power is rising. She represents the power, the wisdom and the wrath of old women and our numbers are increasing at a phenomenal rate. Hecate is the Crone within each of us. Will we seize the opportunities before us and accept the challenge of Hecate’s crossroads?"