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Celebrating Honoring Healing book cover

We found this great resource at GA!

Here is a collection of inspiring and deeply meaningful earth-based rituals that celebrate life's transitions, offer healing for our sorrows and wounds, time to play, and ceremony to honor our journey and the journeys of those we love.

They sprang from the Celebrating Honoring Healing book backlives and creative spirits of the authors. The book is a multi-cultural approach that combines an earth-centered spirituality with a dedication to and valuing of both feminine and masculine aspects of spirituality. With much encouragement from their participants, the authors have gathered a collection of their best rituals to share with you. This is a book that will be a source of inspiration and/or ‘ready to use’ rituals that will give you and others much needed spiritual sustenance.


Also available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Celebrating-Honoring-Healing-Collection-Earth-based/dp/1514237385

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