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Unitarian Universalist Women and Social Reform 1776-1936 Edited by Dorothy May Emerson
We still confront many of the same issues faced by our foremothers. By engaging with these women of the past, we hope to empower and inspire today's women and men to continue the work of creating a world of justice and peace for all. -- from the preface. Standing Before Us presents 160 years of women's work. Look inside the book

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Jonathan Telfer, Editor, Writers' News and Writing Magazine, U.K, says, "Writing advice guides often tend to blur into each other, but not Moo of Writing, which takes a holistic approach to improve the writer’s life and creative process in a refreshingly different way. Unleash your inner cow and find your moos!"

The Moo of Writing process uses ... exercise ... relaxation ... meditation

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Booklet originally published by Pacific Central District W&R, "The Water Ritual" by Carolyn McDade and Lucille Longview is the original worship service "Coming Home, Like Rivers to the Sea: A Women's Ritual," created for the November 1980 Women and Religion Continental Convocation of Unitarian Universalists in East Lansing, Michigan. Includes readings, lyrics and sheet music. You can also read the entire text ONLINE: The Water Ritual (without sheet music)

PERMISSION TO PERFORM CAROLYN'S SONGS:  Permission letter Carolyn McDade

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by Melinda Morris Perrin

This book contains the thirteen tenets of the Peacemaker's message combined with thirteen Pilgrimage Messages arranged in the order of the Cycles of Truth along with instructions for setting up a study circle.

The Peacemaker is an eleventh-twelfth century historical figure who ended constant warfare between the nations of the Haudenosaunee and united them into a confederacy of nations, commonly called the Iroquois Confederacy. Under the guidance of this spiritual leader they buried implements of war under the roots of the White Pine, the tree of peace. His words contain wisdom much needed in today's world.

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By Melinda Morris Perrin.

Where Circles of Friends go to Experience Ancient Teachings

ISBN: 0-9-976108-1-6

There is power in friendship circles and experiential learning.  Whirling Rainbows is a guide to creating the lodge experience and to study the Seneca teachings of the Rainbow Wheel of Peace and the Cycles of Truth.  It is designed to companion Jamie Sams' book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers.

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Here's another gem we discovered in the UUWF archives.

A four-part course on Women in A Patriarchal Culture by Priscilla Baird Hinckley.

pdf Women in a patriarchal culture 1986 (6.18 MB)


We now have Goddesses, Witches and the Paradigm Shift in stock!

Meg has given UUWR exclusive rights to sell and/or republish all of her books.

Nan Lundeen photo by Ron DeKettNan Lundeen is a poet, grandmother, and award-winning journalist.

Nan’s articles on writing have appeared at U.K.-based lightboxoriginals.com, U.K.’s Writing Magazine, The Paddock Review, femalefirst.co.uk and The Quill, published by the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop.  Her handbook, Moo of Writing: how to milk your potential, was a finalist in the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards, writing and publishing category. She facilitates writing workshops for adults and children.



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