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Thirteen Ships CD

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Carole Etzler Eagleheart and Bren Chambers

Thirteen ShipsTRACKS:

LISTEN  A1 Lostwithiel 2:31

LISTEN  A2 Walk Gently In My Life 3:33  LYRICS

LISTEN  A3 I Will Sleep Within Your Arms Again 3:28

LISTEN  A4 Women I Have Known And Loved 2:10

LISTEN  A5 Friends Like You 1:29

LISTEN  A6 We Are Standing Strong 3:50

LISTEN  A7 Thirteen Ships 3:33

LISTEN  B1 Standing Before Us 4:01  LYRICS

LISTEN  B2 Do You Know 2:37

LISTEN  B3 The Love That Comes Circling Round 1:48

LISTEN  B4 Come Find A Shelter 2:44

LISTEN  B5 Women, Raise Your Voice 5:40

LISTEN  B6 Hope For The Flowers 1:51

LISTEN  B7 Travel Light And Travel Easy 2:01  LYRICS

UUW&R Exclusive!

"Standing Before Us" -- A women's chorus in Texas has an online recording.

You may purchase STANDING BEFORE US Sheet Music as a PDF to download or a license to print multiple copies.