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Goddess Gatherings - NEW!!

Goddess Gatherings

By Melinda Morris Perrin. Thirteen sessions for a year of study in a circle of friends.

For more information, permissions or copies, contact:

Melinda Perrin

400 Bradbury Street

Scotia, NY 12302

or melindaperrin [at]

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Goddess Gatherings
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Cakes - Quantity Discount

Cakes_curricula_-_coversA religious education curriculum in feminist thealogy for adults and older youth
by Rev. Shirley Ann Ranck, PhD

IN ANCIENT TIMES (five sessions)
ON THE THRESHOLD  (six sessions)

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IN ANCIENT TIMES: This five-session Volume I of the popular adult religious education curriculum includes an introductory section featuring author Shirley's Ranck's "Statement of Feminist Thealogy," Elinor Artman's "Brief Herstory of Cakes," and Nancy Vedder-Shults, "Baking Cakes for the Queen of Heaven." The themes of the Session Plans are: The Sacred Female, In the Name of the Mother and the Daughter, Womanpower, The First Turning-From Goddess to God, and Reclaiming Women's Heritage of Peace." The resource section includes supplementary essays by a number of important authors, a listing of highly recommended materials, and the sheet music of songs by Carole Eagleheart and Ann Forfreedom for use with the curriculum. The curriculum also includes a CD-ROM with five Visual Programs to accompany the sessions, plus resource material for easy distribution to participants.

ON THE THRESHOLD: In the six-session continuation of the course, Volume II, we will continue our journey into the past to reclaim the stories of powerful women to be found in ancient Judaism and in early Christianity. We will also look at the global silencing and brutalization of women that accompanied the rise of patriarchal religion and society. Finally we will celebrate the exciting new world-view and thealogy that has emerged in our time, and explore the personal and social changes that may be suggested by that new world-view and thealogy. We will continue the complex process of telling a new story.

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