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Speak to the Earth Songbook

Speak to the Earth songbookIncludes:


Speak to the Earth

LISTEN  I Will Sleep Within Your Arms Again (from Thirteen Ships CD)

Cup of the Moon

LISTEN  Walk Gently In My Life (from Thirteen Ships CD)  LYRICS

Chant for Mother Earth

May Love Surround You


Some Day We May Walk

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Take Up the Song songbook

Take Up The Song songbook



Take Up the Song

The Wheel Goes Round

LISTEN  Standing Before Us (from Thirteen Ships CD)  LYRICS

Some Day All Women Will Sing



Sometimes I Wish

LISTEN  Travel Light And Travel Easy (from Thirteen Ships CD) LYRICS

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Standing Before Us - Sheet Music

This timeless song from Carole Eagleheart's Take Up the Song collection is a favorite at women's retreats and gatherings!


Carole Eagleheart - some lyrics

Walk Gently in My Life (Thirteen Ships)

Travel Light and travel Easy (Thirteen Ships)

Standing Before Us (Thirteen Ships)

Walk Gently in My Life

Carole Eagleheart

Walk gently in my life, and I will find a way
To open up my heart and share my secret thoughts
And trust you with my deepest dreams.
Walk gently in my life and someday I'll no longer have to hide.
I'll open up my heart and let you touch the places deep inside.
Walk gently in my life.
Walk gently in my life.
Walk gently in my life.

2. Walk gently in my life and we will learn the boundaries of love,
Careful as we touch to let each other move and grow.
Walk gently in my life and we will help each other to be whole,
Exploring with our hearts the tender territory of the soul.

3. Walk gently in my life and together we'll move gracefully through time,
Sharing all our gifts, and greeting life with open hands.
Walk gently in my life and we'll discover as we let the feelings flow
A deepening of love as the seasons come and as they go.

Travel Light and Travel Easy

Carole Eagleheart

Travel light and travel easy
Till I see you once again.
Travel light and travel easy
And remember I'm your friend.

May the road rise up to greet you
As you leave your past behind.
I will think about you gently
And I'll hold you in my mind.

Travel light and travel easy
Till I see you once again.
Travel light and travel easy
And remember I'm your friend.

Standing Before Us

Carole Etzler Eagleheart

These are the women who throughout the decades
have led us and helped us to know,
Where we have come from and where we are going,
the women who’ve helped us to grow.

CHORUS: Standing before us, making us strong.
Lending their wisdom to help us along,
Sharing a vision, sharing a dream,
touching our thoughts, touching our lives
Like a deep flowing stream.

These are the women who joined in the struggle,
angry and gentle and wise,
These are the women who called us to action,
who called us to open our eyes.


These are the women who nurtured our spirits,
the ones on whom we could depend,
These are the women who gave us their courage,
our mentors, our sisters, our friends.


These are a few of the women who led us,
we know there have been many more.
We name but a few, but we honor them all,
those women who went on before.


On the Threshold DVD

Rev-Shirley-Ranck-2008Rev-Shirley-Ranck-2008-by-Karin-JOn the Threshold - keynote speech by Rev Shirley Ranck (2008). Download TEXT.

"Hecate. Do you know Her? She is old and wise and very powerful. Firmly She stirs the bubbling cauldron of life and death. She has been ignored and almost forgotten for many centuries. She has been ridiculed, called ugly and hideous and dangerous whenever She has appeared. She has certainly been defied. But today Her power is rising. She represents the power, the wisdom and the wrath of old women and our numbers are increasing at a phenomenal rate. Hecate is the Crone within each of us. Will we seize the opportunities before us and accept the challenge of Hecate’s crossroads?"


Kimberly Dark "Lesson"

kimberlydark-you are my singing lesson

Kimberly Dark's 2002 CD, "You Are My Singing Lesson"

Sample tracks on CDBaby


Kimberly Dark "Location"

kimberlydark-location is everything

Kimberly Dark's CD of stories, "Location Is Everything"

Personal, powerful, political - Dark's hilarious social analysis and exquisite storytelling explore the moments where the personal and the political collide.

Sample tracks on CDBaby.



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You Are the One CD

Carole and Bren



Earth Lullaby (4:06)
Cradled in the Arms of the Goddess (3:53)
We Are One People (3:04)
Earth Shall Be Healed (3:23)
Southern Sisters (3:13)
Mist Rising (2:24)
Now Link Your Hands (2:07)
Ancient Mother (3:59)
You Are the One (3:45)
Spirits of the Four Winds (2:27)
Break the Silence (2:22)
Strong Woman (5:06)
I Come from the Tribe of the Ancient Women (3:39)

UUW&R Exclusive!

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Rainbows in My Mind CD

Carole and Bren



1. Rainbows in My Mind (2:40)
2. With the Twinkle of Magic (2:04)
3. Let Justice Roll (2:29)
4. Test the Water (2:36)
5. The Wheel Goes Round (2:45)
6. Take Up the Song (3:20)
7. Gong Chant/ Now It Begins (2:33)
8. Cup of the Moon (2:33)
9. Chant for Mother Earth (1:59)
10. Chant with Tibetan Singing Bowls (1:20)
11. Some Day We May Walk (1:04)
12. May Love Surround You (2:18)
13. Celebrating Life (2:29)
14. Visions of Peace (2:22)

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She Calls Songbook

She Calls to Us sheet music book

Songs to Celebrate the Goddess by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
The songs included in the CAKES curricula do have sheet music included so you don't need to buy this to teach Cakes.

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