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Women of We’Moon to Receive 2015 Brigit Award for Excellence in the Arts

WeMoonCoverThe Association for Study of Women and Mythology Board of Directors has announced the Women of We’Moon as the 2015 recipients of the Brigit Award for the Arts.  In so doing they recognize the artistic accomplishment and leadership of the many women who have contributed to and produced We’Moon and all it stands for through visionary art, poetry, and prose, offered in the form of empowering multicultural, earth spirited publications and projects.

From the 1980s to the present, and with the establishment of Mother Tongue Ink, We’Moon has produced an impressive stream of publications, including day and wall calendars, visually stimulating posters and art cards, and the impressive retrospective volume, In the Spirit of We’Moon: Celebrating Thirty Years (2010). More recently We’Moon has published Starhawk’s inspiring children’s book The Last Wild Witch: An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits! We’Moon has also created the We’Moon Land Communities in Oregon and We’Mooniversity, which trains women and girls to find their earth inspired creativity.

ASWM bee goddessWe’Moon’s varied works continue to inspire women and to raise women’s consciousness, giving us the strength to see ourselves, our sisters, and our daughters as whole, diverse, spiritual beings who can change the world. ASWM honors We’Moon as a vehicle for documenting the aesthetic contributions of visionary feminist artists of our time, and thank the women who create it for modeling the gathering of feminist community to bring women’s cutting-edge art into our daily lives.

The Brigit Award for the Arts is granted by ASWM in odd-numbered years at their bi-annual Symposium. It was initiated in 2011 when it was awarded to musician and performance artist Layne Redmond. It was awarded to Lydia Ruyle, creator of the Goddess Banner Project, in 2013.

ASWM Board members are looking forward to presenting the Brigit award to We’Moon representatives in person at the 2015 ASWM Symposium, “Tales and Totems: Myth and Lineage in Goddess Scholarship,” on Saturday, April 11, 2015, in Portland, Oregon.