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Women's Drumming Circle of South Bend Indiana drumming and chant downloadable mp3s.


Marking the Passage into the Crone Years
a curriculum in thirteen circles by Melody Lee with Karen Edwards & Dorothy Emerson

  • Marks with ritual and celebration the rite of passage into menopause and beyond
  • Explores the transition into the crone years through art, story, poetry, drama, music and dance
  • Encourages women to share their stories and claim their inner wisdom
  • Empowers women to share their wisdom with the world and live their ideals
  • Includes a CD with handouts and resources that are also available as digital download

Read Melody's seasonal Blog at www.cronecurriculum.net

Downloading this file gives you permission to print 1 copy of the curriculum. You may print as many of the Resource files as you wish for participants.


By Melinda Morris Perrin. Thirteen sessions for a year of study in a circle of friends.

Melinda Morris Perrin is a leader of Prairyerth, an Earth-centered Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and Earth Circles at UU Society of Schenectady. She is a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner and a teacher with the Seneca Indian Historical Society and Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. She was a presenter at the 1999 Parliament of the Worlds Religions in Cape Town South Africa. Some of her books include: Goldenrods; Prairie Smoke; Winterberries and A New Day Dawns.


Meg said, "These Crone Rituals reflect my own response to insecurities about aging, and the realization that most women must come to terms with their own aging in an ageist and sexist culture that denigrates the reality of age."

18-page Sneak Preview! (PDF)

Print version also available.


By Rev. Joanne Giannino. A six-session spiritual journey for pre-teen girls and their mothers

Meetings at the Moon is an opportunity for mothers and daughters to hear and tell sacred stories, create sacred artifacts, sing and dance together and to share a new relatedness based on our developing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.


Downloadable mp3s by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers
LISTEN Listen to samples of all tracks


A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities by Elizabeth Fisher

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Musical resources for the Rise Up curriculum in downloadable mp3 format!

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A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities by Elizabeth Fisher

  • 385 page Sourcebook in a PDF e-book searchable file comprised of background and resources.
  • It is recommended that each participant have a copy of this file or a printed version of this Sourcebook to use for home study.
  • E-book can be shared with participants or additional copies can be purchased.
  • INCLUDED when you buy the FULL KIT; no need to order separately.

Downloadable mp3s of Songs to Celebrate the Goddess by Carole Etzler Eagleheart

She Calls to Us sound samples


Carole Eagleheart's classic 1976 feminist album is available for the first time as downloadable mp3s exclusively through UUWR Store.

LISTEN  Sometimes I Wish sound samples


Speak to the Earth
LISTEN  I Will Sleep Within Your Arms Again (from Thirteen Ships CD)
Cup of the Moon
LISTEN  Walk Gently In My Life (from Thirteen Ships CD)  LYRICS
Chant for Mother Earth
May Love Surround You
Some Day We May Walk


Take Up the Song
The Wheel Goes Round
LISTEN  Standing Before Us (from Thirteen Ships CD)  LYRICS
Some Day All Women Will Sing
Sometimes I Wish
LISTEN  Travel Light And Travel Easy (from Thirteen Ships CD) LYRICS


This is the downloadable version - a PDF readable on devices.

You can also read on this website.


Downloadable mp3s by Carole Etzler Eagleheart and Bren Chambers with booklet of some of the lyrics.

 Thirteen Ships sound samples


Carole Eagleheart's classic 1978 feminist album is available for the first time on CD. Lyric booklet PDF included.
LISTEN Womanriver sound samples


Downloadable mp3s by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers - includes lyrics


This timeless song from Carole Eagleheart's Take Up the Song collection is a favorite at women's retreats and gatherings!

LISTEN  B1 Standing Before Us 4:01  LYRICS

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