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Sophia-lampSophia Magazine, The Journal of Women and Religion, was published by the Central Midwest District Women and Religion chapter from 1994 through 2004. Editors were Alex Stelter, Joanne Fought, Lynn Marie Helvey and Patti Hughes Ussery.


This archive section is a work in progress. Volunteers have scanned old issues and are slowly restoring them to a condition that can be read online.

Volume 2 Issue 3

Basic Bibliography W & R Committee 25-26
Birthday Musings Maren Carpenter 24
Clutter Mariah Mabee 24
Pancake Make-Up Mariah Mabee 23
Crone's Corner Judy Holman 7-9
Domestic Reverie Lindsay Olson 11
Famous Women, Harriet Tubman Kat Sojourner 12-13
Film Trilogy, Burning Times, Etc   13
In Memory Joanne Fought 22
Regeneration Naoma Powell 16-17
Starting A Moon Circle Helen Hughes 18
Successful Moon Circle   19-20
Subscription Information and Form   27
Summer Gathering   14-15
UU's acting to stop violence against women   11
Reading: We are here   22
Welcoming the Beautiful Swan Lindsay Olson 10
Women of the Fourteenth Moon Rose Mary Meyer 4-6
World Women's Conference   21


Read this issue: http://uuwr.org/images/Sophia/sophia-fall-1994.pdf


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