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There is a trust, precious and powerful that grows with daily practice. This daily reader will guide you through a full year of sacred experiencing, with 365 prayers and readings to support, nurture, encourage, and inspire you on your goddess-centered path.

Perfect as a daily reader for personal devotional practice or for use in groups for rituals, circles, and celebrations. Note: this book is the third in our Goddess Devotionals series, but it is *larger* than the prior volumes and is offered in a 5 x 8 size due to its page count and thickness.

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What are Womanrunes and why use them?

Womanrunes are a unique and powerful divination system that use simple, woman-identified symbols to connect deeply with your own inner wisdom as well as the flow of womanspirit knowledge that surrounds you. Used as a personal oracle,

they offer spiritual insight, understanding, and guidance as well as calls to action and discovery. Women who use them are amazed to discover how the symbols and interpretations reach out with exactly what you need in that moment.

Women’s experiences with Womanrunes are powerful, magical, inspirational, potent, and mystical. The wisdom within them can be drawn upon again and again, often uncovering new information, understanding, and truth with each reading. They amaze me every day! - Molly Remer, brigidsgrove.com

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Restoring Women to Ceremony - by Molly Remer

NOTE: This book is not meant to be sold/used independently. It is meant to accompany the Red Tent Initiation course offered online from Brigid's Grove. It is a collection of notes, outlines, ritual resources, readings, and more, meant to be used in conjunction with a training and not as a stand alone manual. Are you hungering for depth, connection, restoration, and renewal in a busy world? Are you yearning to reach out to other women in sisterhood and co-create a powerful Red Tent Circle experience? In this collection of essays and ritual resources, you will find four complete Red Tent “recipes,” circle leadership basics, moontime musings, and readings, quotes, and poems to help you facilitate a rich, inviting, welcoming, creative space for the women of your community.

Brigid's Grove (brigidsgrove.com)

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