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by Melinda Morris Perrin

A New Day Dawns is a series of daily meditative reflections incorporating mindful intention into everyday life. Natural Prayer turns the work of our hands into the play of our hearts, and our play into a spiritual practice. It is simple. It is easy. It deepens our experiences.

Through Natural Prayer we connect with the One and the work of our hands heals and comforts, becoming a blessing to the world. The reader is encouraged to write a few lines each day as a reflection, an intention, or to journal their thoughts and record the events of their lives.

The readings are inspirational, ripples and waves across the water, but veiled hidden meanings are layered among the rocks. Deeper still are the cloaked teachings that lead initiates into new revelations and understanding on the path to enlightenment.

ISBN: 978-0-9976108-0-2

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By Melinda Morris Perrin. Thirteen sessions for a year of study in a circle of friends.

Melinda Morris Perrin is a leader of Prairyerth, an Earth-centered Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and Earth Circles at UUSS. She is a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner and a teacher with the Seneca Indian Historical Society and Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. She was a presenter at the 1999 Parliament of the Worlds Religions in Cape Town South Africa. Some of her books include: Goldenrods; Prairie Smoke; Winterberries and A New Day Dawns.

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2021 - now published by and all proceeds going to UUWR. Thanks, Melinda for your generous donations.

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by Melinda Morris Perrin

This book contains the thirteen tenets of the Peacemaker's message combined with thirteen Pilgrimage Messages arranged in the order of the Cycles of Truth along with instructions for setting up a study circle.

The Peacemaker is an eleventh-twelfth century historical figure who ended constant warfare between the nations of the Haudenosaunee and united them into a confederacy of nations, commonly called the Iroquois Confederacy. Under the guidance of this spiritual leader they buried implements of war under the roots of the White Pine, the tree of peace. His words contain wisdom much needed in today's world.

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By Melinda Morris Perrin.

Where Circles of Friends go to Experience Ancient Teachings

ISBN: 0-9-976108-1-6

There is power in friendship circles and experiential learning.  Whirling Rainbows is a guide to creating the lodge experience and to study the Seneca teachings of the Rainbow Wheel of Peace and the Cycles of Truth.  It is designed to companion Jamie Sams' book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers.

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