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Welcome! The Women and Religion Movement is alive and well in the 21st Century. A grassroots project started by lay leaders in the 1970s as an effort to promote examination of religious roots of sexism and patriarchy within the UUA and beyond, UU Women and Religion officially began as a task force following the unanimously-passed WOMEN AND RELIGION RESOLUTION at the 1977 UUA General Assembly. Although the Task Force was eventually sunsetted, the movement still exists in UU communities that hold Women & Religion programs and gatherings for those who identify as women. It exists at the UU General Assembly, where UUW&R brings our Store to the Exhibit Hall and occasionally hosts a gathering. And it lives in the hearts and lives of people who have been touched by the many changes inspired by this movement.

"We do not want a piece of the pie. It is still a patriarchal pie. We want to change the recipe!" -- Rosemary Matson


CD by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers.
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  1. LISTEN Rainbows in My Mind (2:40)
  2. LISTEN With the Twinkle of Magic (2:04)
  3. LISTEN Let Justice Roll (2:29)
  4. LISTEN Test the Water (2:36)
  5. LISTEN The Wheel Goes Round (2:45)
  6. LISTEN Take Up the Song (3:20)
  7. LISTEN Gong Chant/ Now It Begins (2:33)
  8. LISTEN Cup of the Moon (2:33)
  9. LISTEN Chant for Mother Earth (1:59)
  10. LISTEN Chant with Tibetan Singing Bowls (1:20)
  11. LISTEN Some Day We May Walk (1:04)
  12. LISTEN May Love Surround You (2:18)
  13. LISTEN Celebrating Life (2:29)
  14. LISTEN Visions of Peace (2:22)


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