UU Women and Religion

... toward a new day ...



We don’t really have memberships these days, though you can volunteer to work with the core group anytime.

We’re currently working on consolidating with UU Women’s Federation. When that is accomplished, UUW&R will likely be positioned as a program of UUWF rather than as an independent UU Related Organization. We’ve already partnered with UUWF on several projects, including a joint presence at General Assembly. Since UUW&R has really focused on networking among the remaining District UU women’s groups, keeping essential women’s spirituality materials available, and handling publication of the classic curricula and some books, that will likely remain our focus even after consolidation. UUWF structure and funding may help UUW&R do even more. We have a leadership curriculum in the works.

You might consider joining UU Women’s Federation. They are a membership organization and you can join for a donation of any amount: https://www.uuwf.org/donate-join