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Rev. Carol HustonFinding inspiration to keep on working for social justice is a necessary component for stick-to-it-tive-ness.  Knowing doors of inspiration have been opened by Convocation presenter, Rev. Huston, WOMUUNWEB asked her what they were.

“I was mightily energized by the fact that almost 600 women came together [for the Convocation] in difficult times to search for the real root causes of women's oppression world-wide.

"One door I hope I opened was to the organization Results (www.results.org), which advocates for US governmental aid for basic education programs in Africa.  And, in speaking about the fact that three women  at Community Unitarian Church at White Plains, NY began the conversation about women's rights worldwide by offering a proposed [General Assembly] Study Action Issue in 2004, I hope that I opened a larger door to the idea that a few women, talking together in a congregation, can eventually move our larger UU structures to action."

Rev. Carol Huston, White Plains, NY

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