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Greetings All,
Voices of the Sacred FeminineI was encouraged by friends and radio show listeners to give this a try! They, like me, want to hear topics like we discuss on Voices of the Sacred Feminine on mainstream television instead of the "bread and circus" stories with so little substance the media wastes so much time with.  So please, if you would be so kind, check out my vision for a show on Oprah's new television network.  This isn't about me.  It's more about giving ideals of the Sacred Feminine a platform in the mainstream world.  Here's the link below.  Please leave a vote for me if you like this and leave comments.  I'm really entering this contest very late and have to move quickly to catch up.  Please send this around to anyone who might help us accomplish this goal!


By the way, I interviewed Rev. Shirley Ranck on my Voices of the Sacred Feminine internet radio show last Wednesday night! It's a featured episode and you can download the mp3 to listen!

Blessings and Thanks,

Karen Tate


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