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Support a Fifth World Conference on Women!

Fifth World Conference on Women

The first four World Conferences on Women were sponsored by the United Nations. The last was held in Beijing in 1995 and produced the Beijing Platform for Action, which if fully implemented on a global scale would make the world a safe place for women and children. This will be possible only when violence of all kinds—from domestic to war, is no longer acceptable.

Now at the beginning of the 21st century with the state of the world as it is, it is a crucial time for women to come together to make a difference. This conference would be the first since the Internet made worldwide communication easy and would likely be the largest and most effective gathering of women ever held. It would accelerate reaching a tipping point.

UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) meets in Geneva July 2011. A Written Statement was submitted to ECOSOC by Elly Pradervand, president of Women’s World Summit Foundation (Geneva) advocating 5WCW. On short notice before the April 22 submission deadline, the following UN NGO’s signed on as co-sponsors.

Intervida International
International Alliance of Women (IAW)
Human Rights Advocates, Inc.
World Movement of Mothers (MMM)
International Council of Women (ICW)
International Public Policy Institute (IPPI)
Worldwide Organization of Women (WOW)
The Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN)
Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (OSMTH)
Women’s Welfare Centre (India)
Women’s Forum (Sierra Leone)
Girls’ Power Initiative (Nigeria)
Women’s UN Report Network (WUNRN) part of the Tandem Project
US Federation for Middle East Peace
African Commission on Health Promoters and Human Rights
Catholics for Choice

For the list and description of 123 organizations that support a UN 5th World Conference on Women:  http://www.5wwc.org/organizations/

ACTION step: for your organization to be listed:  http://www.5wwc.org/organizations/org_listing_form.html

ACTION step: add to grassroots individual support—now at 11,500, sign 5WCW petition (GO Petition logo and link http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/support-a-un-5th-world-conference-on-women.html)

ACTION step:  There is a need for a Resolution from a UN member-state to begin the process in the UN for 5WCW to be introduced at ECOSOC and/or the General Assembly in 2011. An Ambassador to the UN from any of the 192 countries can introduce the resolution — Someone reading this may be in a position to set this in motion!

Rev. Dr. Dorothy Emerson

Minster, Rainbow Solutions, Medford, MA www.RainbowSolutions.us

Co-Creator, Becoming Women of Wisdom: Marking the Passage into the

Crone Years http://www.rainbowsolutions.us/crone-home/55

Author, book in progress, Sea Change: How the 1960s transformed my life and the world we live in

Coordinator, Margaret Fuller Bicentennial www.margaretfuller.org

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