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Cakes = Cakes for the Queen of Heaven leader

MSUU = Ministerial Sisterhood UU

UUWR = Continental UU Women and Religion

UUWF = UU Women's Federation

UUWHS = UU Women’s Heritage Society

W&R = Women and Religion

Rev. Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley (1949-2006) UUWF

Rev. Jean Lois Witman Gilpatrick
 (1925-2009) UUWF

Rev. Marjorie Newlin Leaming (1915-2010) UUWF, MSUU 1974 founding member

Rev. Dorothy W. Kimble (1942-2011)  MSUU

Marilyn Abbott Gentile (1926-2013) UUWR

Rev. Janet H. Bowering (1930-2014) UUWF, Clara Barton Camp

Rosemary Matson (1915-2014) UUWR, UUWF

Rev. Elinor Artman (1927-2014) Cakes, UUWF

Rev. Dorothy S. Boroush (1925-2014) UUWHS

Rev. Roberta M. "Bobbie" Nelson (1935-2015) UUWF Ministry to Women Award, in 2001

Rev. Christine E. Hillman (1949-2015) Cakes,

Rev. Julie Denny-Hughes (1946-2016) Cakes, coauthored a UUA task force report on clergy sexual misconduct.

Rev. Carol I. Brody (1928-2016) UUW&R

Rev. Joan Kahn-Schneider (1930-2017) MSUU

Phyllis M. McKeeman (1923-2017) UUWF

Rev. Martha L Munson (1953-2017) MSUU

Rev. Beth E. Cooper (1975-2017)

Rev. Bets Weinecke (1936-2017) MSUU, PSWD W&R

Rev. Sarah Barber-Braun (1925-2017) UUWHS

Rev. Katherine "Kay" Greenleaf (1939-2018) MSUU

Rev. Eileen B. Karpeles (1925-2018)  MSUU

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