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The new curriculum “Becoming Women of Wisdom: Marking the Passage into the Crone Years” may now be purchased!

Some of you saw a proof of the program or participated in a workshop at the International Convocation of U*U Women. This new "croning" curriculum may be ordered now.

Download the flyer at the UU Women & Religion online store at http://www.uuwr.org. Click on STORE in the left side menu.

This curriculum in 13 circles is designed to prepare women who are entering or have passed through menopause to take on the important role of Crone/Wise Women in their communities and to  participate in a ritual celebrating becoming a woman of wisdom.  The program helps open the participant  to the power, wisdom, and insight of the mature self. 

Imagine entering the labyrinth of your psyche, slowly following its turns in and out as you weave yourself toward the deep center of your essential knowing.  As you make your way forward, you remember the past, integrate its  lessons and shed its excess baggage, until you come to the present moment of  possibility and transformation. 

There you claim the beauty and truth that can be yours and begin your walk out of the labyrinth, integrating your new found knowledge and the thirteen guiding principles of a crone as you retrace your steps.

Before you reemerge into the world, you celebrate your new state and assume the crown and mantle of  the crone. As a mature woman of action and compassion, you claim your power as a woman of wisdom.

The curriculum was written by Melody Lee, in collaboration with co-creators Karen Edwards and Dorothy Emerson. For more information, please contact Dorothy at Rainbow Solutions, 781-391-6455 or RevEmerson@aol.com.


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