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"Retreat” :: “process of withdrawing for

meditation, study; place of privacy & safety; refuge.”


Retreats allow us to withdraw, take refuge, leave the ordinary world, while we meditate, learn, relax. From that withdrawal, within that refuge, through that meditation, comes the possibility of change/of transformation/of altering the prism through which we see the world: of finding the extraordinary -- within ourselves!

Join us in this weekend of women circles:

walk a labyrinth, with your feet or with your fingers; design a mandala, a dreamcatcher, or a kaleidoscope; create a “DreamGroup” or a “PeerSpirit“ circle; write, take pictures, meditate, dance, chant; explore the cycles & circles of nature; share in a “Trust Walk.”

Join us in this weekend of possibilities:

from relaxation to transformation,

from silent contemplation to joyous celebration,

presented by 13 UU sisters from Boca Raton.

At the Fall 2001 Retreat, the organizers laid out a labyrinth on the grass, outlined with clothesline. Tobey Miller offered a writing workshop titled Spiraling In, Spiraling Out



(for Tobey Miller & the Boca Babes)

You may never go to Stonehenge
nor yet the Cathedral at Chartres.
The traceries of fairies in the dew
may never grace your lawn.

But the mystic circle,
the mandala, the labyrinth
can rise at will.

The labyrinth on canvas,
painted and portable;
the more enduring,
planted with tiny hedges,
outlined with shells,
patterned with stones.

The truly ephemeral
drawn with chalk,
with string,
with spray paint,
with duct tape if you will.
With clothesline.

Each invites us to spiral in,
to focus on our core,
to spiral out refreshed.
Marble and mosaic can do no more.

-Lynn Montgomery, Miami


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