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Important Things to Remember:

  • We will be renting inexpensive folding chairs for outdoor seating under the tent/canopy. If you would be more comfortable bringing your own outdoor chair for whatever reason, please do so. Remember to put your name and number on it, just in case...
  • Item(s) for outdoor altar. (please mark them discreetly with your name)
  • An anecdote about a favorite ancestor to share at the campfire.
  • Any kind of noise-maker for the opening ritual. Drums and instruments for our fire pit celebration.
  • Books to donate to our book sale (proceeds go towards W&R scholarships)
  • Snacks, fruit, cheese, drinks to share in the Social Hour Friday or Saturday afternoon .
  • You may want to bring a flashlight. Favorite drinking mug. Extra beverages for your cabin (refrigerator available).
  • Basic comfort clothes (shorts, slacks, walking shoes, P.J.s, sweater), sunscreen. Insect repellant may be important to you, since we are meeting outside in the evening. NO PERFUMES PLEASE!


  • “goddess clothes” (loose, swirly, colorful outfit suitable for dancing, comfortable for outdoor wear) for Saturday evening.
  • Money to spend at the artisans’ bazaar, at the W&R used book sale and for refreshment/snack donations.
  • A mat or a towel for yoga.
  • Binoculars or camera for nature walking.
  • You don’t need to bring: sheets or towels


You may make a donation to UU Women and Religion here. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Please select the quantity of $10 increments you would like to donate.