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  1. When planning how to provide information to participants try to visualize a stranger coming to the conference site. This person should receive as much information as is needed to be self-directed throughout the conference.
  2. There should be a BIG SIGN outside, or at the door, announcing where to find conference registration.
  3. Helpful information in a registration packet includes:
    • complete schedule with locations for each event.
    • map of conference site.
    • description of workshops with biographical note on leaders.
    • quotation or short theme statement for the conference and a note about the guest speaker.
    • conference evaluation form.
    • list of participants with addresses and phone numbers. This may be provided after all have registered in order to include everyone present; and should include a statement as to how the list may be used.
  4. Participants will not have their packets in hand every minute. Thus, it is also helpful to have a prominent sign in a central location giving the over-all schedule.
  5. It is also useful to have directional signs to outlying rooms — and to rest rooms.
  6. Finally, it is helpful to have people from the host society wear special identifying name tags and have them stand and be introduced at the beginning of the conference so that participants can easily spot them as appropriate people to ask questions about the site.

* FL W & R policy: The participant list prepared at each event will indicate that: "This list is only for the personal, non-business use of each participant." (2-11-96)


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