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  1. The sponsoring organization should make clear to the facilitators what the budget is for the conference.
    • How much money is available for expenses and honorarium for a guest speaker?
    • Do workshop leaders get an honorarium? If so, how much? Or, do they only get free registration for the conference? Or expenses only? Or no compensation?
    • What is the appropriate registration fee? Is it the policy of the sponsoring organization to keep the fee as low as possible or to raise it in order to pay speakers and workshop leaders more? The higher the fee, the more demand there is likely to be for scholarship money.
    • Is it possible to have some money available in advance as "seed money," for travel costs, food, supplies, or as deposit on facilities?
    • Is it possible for a participant to register at a reduced fee for one day or some other fraction of the conference? Managing partial registrations may be a headache. However, partial registrations may encourage local people to attend for less than the full conference (and may get some interested in attending future retreats/conferences at other locations.)
    • How much money is available for scholarships? What policies govern granting of scholarships? Should scholarship recipients be asked to work at the conference? What are the criteria? Are scholarships given on a "first ask-first get," or some other basis? What showing of need is required? Who decides who will get scholarship aid?
    • If the conference is being held in a society's building, is the society to be reimbursed for use of its facilities? If so, how much? Is it giving up normal rentals to accommodate the conference?
  2. The facilitators and the treasurer of the sponsoring organization should agree to whom registration checks are payable, and who pays for — or is reimbursed for which expense.


* With FL W & R conferences, the local sponsoring group generally receives all conference related money and pays bills through a designated account of that society. A final accounting and check for balance is given to W & R Treasurer. It is important that these funds be payable to and pass through an organizational account, not that of an individual (no matter how trustworthy that person!)


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