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Reprint of a booklet produced in 1985 by the UUWF, "A Wider Horizon: UU Women with a Vision." You can read A Wider Horizon online or purchase one or multiple copies here.

From the Introduction:

Our Unitarian-Universalist heritage includes the contributions of many women of firm conviction and strong character. With determination and tact, these self-reliant women accomplished personal and social goals against all odds.

They boldly entered college and started careers, not a usual thing to do in the early 1800s. They took active roles in the social concerns of their day and worked steadfastly toward more equal opportunities for women. At the same time, they valued home and family. Their fortitude has opened doors to fuller lives for women at home and in the community.

Whether behind the scenes or as public figures, women continue to transfer religious values into service to their families, churches, communities, and nations. We have not always known the stories of these women, but they affirm our lives and values.

Sharing these stories can move us toward a more balanced view of human experience. Supported by the framework of a liberal religious faith, women then and now dare to initiate, dare to state their vision, and dare to serve.

The brief stories in this pamphlet recognize only a few of the remarkable women who shaped and influenced our denomination and our world. Their actions have influenced the present as our actions influence the future. We hope these six women's lives will strike present chords and state an appreciation of the many courageous UU women we all know. When women see things that need to be done, we summon the resources to carry out our visions of a better world.

Pamela I. Pierson
Linda C. Schreiber

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